There’s something so

old school, about

growing your vegetables from

seed. It’s just this romantic nod to our

agricultural past.

Grandpa, used to save his garden seeds from

harvest to harvest.

  I don’t go that far but I do

 turn our graceful pine island into a

potting table of sorts and start a few

seeds, inside. It’s a sunny but lukewarm day. I’ve

thrown open the doors of my

potting shed’ and I’m pretending it’s summer.

The reality is, I don’t have a ton of time. So, to

make it easy on myself, I love using these

little pellets of dirt to

start seeds. Just add water and they

puff up…then plant.  It’s low on

mess and a high

return on your investment.  I tuck the

dirt into little plastic sleeves and

wrap them in Italian News,

 bound with

baker’s twine. A recycled

egg carton makes

a perfect, organic, holder.

This year, I’m going

French, with

French Cinderella Pumpkins and

French Green

beans. I’m also trying my hand at

 carrots in a rainbow

of  pretty colors and planting a happy

sunflower or two.

I couldn’t resist, including a few

 Hubbards in my

pumpkin patch. It’s a sentimental

thing. Our now, teenage son, was the only

three-year-old, who new the difference between

a Cinderella, White Acorn squash and

Baby Blue Hubbard. Still does.

  I love that our Pine Island is now home to

little blobs of earth…holding

precious cargo, filled with

possibility. The seeds will become

starts and eventually, make their way on the

big garden stage.

Our raised bed…

 is waiting. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend,