Easter Project ~

Plastic  Easter Grass?…

Not this  girl.

When our son was small, he used to say,

‘Mom, the other kids have plastic grass in their 

Easter baskets…’  I’d tell him, I would 

look into it:)  It’s not too  late to


plant a little wheatgrass  in those Easter baskets & pails.

You can pick up the seeds at your local garden store.

Grab some organic  potting soil and…



get planting! I’ve turned our old

pine island, off the dining room, into

a potting & painting shed of sorts.



Here’s what’s so cool…

the seeds start sprouting in only a two 

days!  (I’ll show you the finished product soon!)

As for the pails…these are a couple of old

galvanized numbers, I’ve had for years. I decided

to reinvent  them with a little ‘Vintage’ Vert (Green)  

 chalkboard paint  from


Martha,  who else? What I l~o~v~e   about this quick & 

easy project is that because it is chalkboard paint…



you can personalize the pails once they’ve dried.

I opted to plant the seeds in terra cotta pots 



because I plan to use the vintage green pails for

iced beverages at our summer soirees.

Either way, I hope you go 



GREEN this Easter! 



Chalkboard Paint ~ Ben Franklin

Wheatgrass seeds ~ Molbak’s