Field Trip ~

It’s a winter wonderland

at Wights Nursery in

 Lynnwood, Washington.

It’s a snowy scene, straight out of the North Pole. 

I’ve  answered the age-old question:

‘To flock or not to flock….’

I’m flocking

and I’m on the move, to find the

perfect tree! This is my first foray into the

world of flocked trees…and It’s like I’m seeing

Christmas…for the first time! 

Oh Lord, can you tell I’m smitten?

Pull it together girl…it’s just  a tree!

 But  they are so pretty and there are so many choices…

light, medium or heavy flocking,

with or sans glitter.

The staff at Wights, patiently  explains it all. Thank you!

In the end, I’ve decided to go with medium to

heavy flocking…no  glitter.

These rows of gorgeous snow laden Nobles, are good to go but

I’m have our  holiday tree, pre-strung with lights and then  flocked

and for the first time ever ...someone else, is doing the lights!

(Don’t worry, I’ll be stringing lights right along with you, on our second

tree, of green!) So now, it’s off to the natural  section,

to pick out just  the right tree.

I think this handsome ,

8-footer  has our name on it!

The process will take two to three days. As an 

added bonus, the tree becomes fire retardant and

there is no watering required! Who knew?

 Our first ever, flocked tree will be in house,

ready to decorate, by midweek! 

 Can’t wait!

Wights Home and Garden Nursery ~ Lynnwood, Washington 425-775-3636