Rustic Raised Bed ~

I’ve been eyeing  these little

willow  numbers for

awhile now.

They are folding, portable…

 raised garden beds with

cloth inserts

They come in

different shapes and sizes

and they’re  a  good

deal too! Just fill them with

dirt and plant. And that’s what I

did, tucking in a

medley of

garden variety plants


tomato vines,

petite pumpkins,

zucchini and

 French  lettuce…

yes, French!  Haven’t a clue what

makes  this lettuce so French

am I going to have to water it

with  Perrier?

But then I’m a pushover  for

anything Francias.

I also picked up a few plain old

American pumpkin vines. I’m

hoping they

will wander out of their willow

confines and create a small pumpkin

patch up here come fall.  And I can’t wait for the

zucchini  to

blossom so I can batter & fry the

golden yellow blooms just like

 grandma did. Visually, I like

the earthy contrast between the

light colored

gravel and the

rustic dark willow…

our new raised garden patch provides.

At the end of the growing season I can

just pack it up OR

fill it with

mini Christmas trees during the


You may have noticed this

little willow garden bed sits

at one end of our upper

courtyard…protected by

rusty metal obelisks and an

old world, thickset

amphora shaped,

pot…Protected  from


and those

and these.

Yes, that little patch of concrete

in the back there has

been home court  to

many  a spirited basketball game. The way the kids

carry on, you would think it is the

NBA finals and I love it. I remember

our architect saying, “The first thing you are

going to see when you come down the

driveway is a hoop?” And we said, 

“yes because a ‘family’ lives here.”

Besides I think the

little willow garden

bed will

 fare just

fine and

if not,

you know what the

French say….




Also picked up more lovely

white lavender this weekend

and a few other

garden goodies. It’s funny how much

 you can get done between

weekend baseball games,