Over the moon!

 That is how I feel about meeting the talented  and gorgeous  gal behind

the incredible blog,

‘My Sweet Savannah!’

I was so  excited to have

Melaine Thompson  join us for our

‘Girls Night In’  gathering. I’m a fan!

She is a friend of Cindy’s, from Haley’s Cottage.

(All creative roads lead to Cindy!)

That alone, would have been enough to put me

‘on cloud nine’  but Melaine later e-mailed me, asking

if she could take a few photos of our home for her

blog! In a word…YES! So yesterday she stopped by with her

camera and a lovely bunch of Lilacs from her

garden. Loved talking with her. She is genuinely

beautiful. Combine that with the whole uber  creative thing….and you can

See why she is so successful. She has been featured in

many  magazines and on top  blogs and has a huge  following.

She is very modest about it all….which is even more  endearing.

So for now, I’ll hold onto the little, ‘before & after’  post of our

family room ‘going gray’  and I hope instead, you click over to,

and see the really, really  cool images she

captured of our home.

I have lived here for years and haven’t

taken shots like that! Loved her tour!

Thank you Melaine!

I’m honored and very grateful…

more than you know,