Sorry for the late post ~

I was shopping...bargain  shopping. I

literally left my early morning coffee on the counter and

drove nearly 20 miles,  for this:

via Target

It’s a stylish little vacuum-sealed flask/thermos from

Tory Burch.

And it’s under $10!

Great for that winter picnic  post I’m planning.

Anyway, it’s from Target’s Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection.

Now, it’s all  on sale...If you can find it.

(Thus the morning mad dash!)

And I did. I also found…

via Target

this very cool,  painted wood tray with

 a lovely lattice  pattern, my current obsession and

an inexpensive way to update a corner of the room.

 (Not on Sale)

The lattice tray reminds me of warm afternoons spent

in the Summer  garden.

Speaking of summer, where was this when I really  needed it?

It’s an inexpensive body cream from

Victoria’s Secret. 

Not sure it makes you look 5x sexier…but it is

pretty amazing stuff.

Did I mentioned that the

Tory Burch flask/thermos

was really hard to find?  So, I picked up an extra  one for you,

as a little giveaway. I know it’s not much but if you’re

interested, just leave me a little comment following this post, along with

your e-mail address. I’ll randomly pick a winner!

Hmmm, funny… the flask is kinda

Seahawks blue, green & white…

How about that amazing playoff game SEATTLE!

Another big match up on Sunday, Go HAWKS!

Thanks for visiting and have a great one,