Winter Warmth ~

Image via Pinterest ~

Come winter, I’m all about:

*  layering on  those blankets, rugs & throws

pulling in  extra footstools for casual comfort,

* piles  of pillows

*  adding more lighting to read by

   * a cache of candles to create a winter glow


* stacks of trays for fireside reading & dining convenience.

With more time spent indoors  in the winter months,

it  simply makes sense to gather up these pieces and

use and enjoy them…in the rooms you really live in,

ya know? For us, it’s our family room/kitchen area.

 Come winter, I pull many of these pieces from all around  the house.

I call it, shopping from home  and it’s free!! 

BUT   if I could...Here’s a look at my current

Winter Wish List ~ 

Each piece, adds an interesting & fun layer. 

Love the patterns & details. Sigh, 

a girl can dream, right?

What are you winter wishing for?

Underfoot via

Comfy footrest & tray ready via

Said tray…in Mediterranean blue.

Pop of color via

Great White Light via

Cozy & Casual Cabin  throws via

Pillows via


and….warm brass candlelight via

Who knows, one or more of these, just might  follow me home.

BTW, there is still time to enter

my little giveaway! 

Just leave a message in the prior post.

Tory and I,  hit the road today.

The cap doubles as a cup.

Coffee to go anyone?