Blackberry, Prosecco and Elderflower Jam

Childhood musings

Is it just me, or are blackberries synonymous with

childhood summers.

While whipping up a batch of

blackberry jam, my mind flashed on

summer days spent  l a n g u i d l y

picking blackberries…fingers stained…stomach

full, bowl, half empty.

Did you?

My mom would make

blackberry crisp and my grandma would make

jam, freezer jam and now,

so do I.

I added a little ‘sparkle’ to this batch of

blackberry jam. I Tossed

in a little


a thimble or two of

Elderflower liqueur

(love this stuff)


tangy lemon zest.  Remember, this is

freezer jam, so it’s not as

thick, as a jelly and a bit


It keeps in the

refrigerator for a month or

you can

freeze it and it will last

several. Whether lathered onto

toast or ladled on to homemade

Vanilla Bean ice cream…it’s

wonderful. Promise.

~ ~ ~

The Ingredients:

4 cups of blackberries (rinsed)

4 cups of sugar (a little less if you don’t have my sweet tooth!)

1 pkg of unflavored fruit pectin (1.75 oz) plus ¾ cups water

zest of one lemon

1/4th cup prosecco

2 tablespoons of Elderflower liqueur

~ ~ ~

The Preparation:

Mash the blackberries,

then add the sugar,

Mix and let rest on the counter, for 10 minutes or so,

stirring from time to time.

Meanwhile, boil the water and add the pectin, per the

box instructions.

Pull from the heat and add to

blackberry mixture, along with

the lemon zest, prosecco and

Elderflower liqueur.

Ladle into containers and

let stand overnight before

Refrigerating or freezing.