I finally potted my tipsy  garden! It’s filled with aromatic plants, solely for the purpose of making herbaceous  spirits. 

Inspired by Amy Stewart’s best selling book, ‘The Drunken Botanist’,  I picked up a six-pack of her herbs for




simple syrups, which I’m obsessed with making for my little cocktails.

For the tipsy container, I recycled  {love} a worn metal tub giving it a pretty coat of gold paint.




I layered the bottom with gravel and topped it with rich South Bay potting soil and then got planting.




I even included a fun little cocktail flag made from windsock material that my sister

Linda  stitched up for me.  Cute, non?




The flag is flying from a gold knitting needle :)  Tipsy garden planted,

I’m ready to throw a little cocktail party!  Coming soon…



Image – Stefanie Knowlton 

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