Just Desserts ~



We’re all on the go  right? Well that’s the idea behind The Go-Getters Guide to:

When it comes to entertaining, people often tell me they would love  to…but don’t have the time.

So here is a quick & delicious  dessert idea to help make your entertaining a summer breeze.

Roasted summer fruit  in a balsamic dressing.




In this case, I roasted a pint of strawberries  in a semi-sweet balsamic vinaigrette.

Yes, balsamic vinegar  because the pairing of  the acid and the strawberries is heavenly. 




 This isn’t just any  strawberry sauce. It’s a tipsy  strawberry sauce thanks to a generous pour of brandy which gives the sauce a 

rich, velvety note. Organic honey, sweetens the mix and you can taste AND smell the flecks of  vanilla bean!

This is so simple there isn’t even a recipe really.

But here is a guideline: 1 tablespoon each brandy & balsamic,  2 tablespoons of honey, 1 vanilla bean scraped and a little 

lemon or orange zest, whichever you have on hand.



Coat the strawberries in the dressing and roast them in the oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes or so.

Kitchen tip: I like to use foil for easy clean up!




Anyway ,the strawberries will ooze out this yummy juice and the house will smell wonderful!

Pour the sauce into a pretty compote and spoon the warm mixture over Vanilla





Bean ice cream. Or refrigerate for up to a week. What I love about this quick and delicious dessert is that you can make this the

night before and refrigerate it. A little vanilla bean ice cream in the ice box…




and done,