Gettin’ Crafty ~

l_Mason jar5P


Looking for a little budget friendly  lighting with understated glamour?   Look no further than your kitchen

cupboard! The ubiquitous mason jar  gets a glamorous  makeover thanks to gold glitter tape gold wire AND




pretty – gauzy handmade paper.  The wire transforms the jar into a simple hanging lantern.





The glitter takes it from a little bit country to couture  and the

 handmade paper creates a creamy white glow  plus it hides the fact that I’m using faux  candles!




Okay, here’s the simple How-to:


On the wire – Create a small hook at one end and wrap the wire around the mouth of the jar, under the lip &

hook it. Thread the long end up, under and over to create your handle. Make a second hook and secure it to the

wire around the mouth of the jar. Give it a tug to make sure it’s tight.


For the gauzy paper glow –  Cut the paper into a rectangle to fit the height and circumference of the jar.

Roll it, tuck it into the jar and let in unfurl.





And now get glitter taping!  Oh how I LOVE this stuff!  I placed a glitzy sticker on the bottom of the jar





so that the lantern had some interest from below. It will hang high from a metal grid at



Girls Night In at Metropolitan Market!




Five more to go!