Beautiful Bulbs ~

Saw these little beauties at my neighborhood market and

I couldn’t resist! I’m a pushover for paperwhites 

Narcissus Papyraceus  for all of you plant aficionados .

I adore the sweet fragrance, the delicate white

blooms and long, lanky stems of

green. I placed my first five bulbs of the season, in our worn

vintage silver trophy,

tucking in bits of bright green squishy moss.

I call it, my silver cup of holiday inspiration. 

They’ll need to be properly staked but I got this down.

 And now, one by one…lovely little pots of

paperwhites  will turn up at our house .

I’ll be rummaging around for creative containers.

The holiday lights go up on Friday…

T’is the season for  holiday decorating. And so

it begins…