Our garden is spilling over with

 them and Kale…is

 one of my favorites. I

love  the colorful curly leaves of this

primitive garden beauty. I cook them every

which way, from a

quick saute to a tasty baked chip.

Decided to flavor  these kale chips with a

hint of lime &

toasted coriander.

Simply wash and tear the leaves into

bite-sized pieces…

pull together

 a little olive oil,

S & P,

lime zest and



I love the earthy flavor &

fragrance of  TOASTED  spices.

(Toast them on the stove in a heavy pan on medium-high

heat for five to 10 minutes until slightly brown,

stirring from time to time.)

Give it all a

quick little whisk


drizzle the dressing

over the

kale leaves. Bake at 350 degrees for

8 minutes or so.

Keep an eye on them though… so

they don’t  burn.

Serve the kale chips in

pretty parchment cones,

 if you like.

This batch accompanied yummy

grilled halibut with a tasty

cilantro topping.

My  version of…

Fish & Chips :)