Indoor Outdoor Flow ~

Love the idea of a

table top  garden, especially

indoors.  This

 little scrolled table, off of our

Kitchen, needed some love, needed something

earthy and

green. So I  grabbed

thisour old

barrel top, equipped with

a Lazy Susan and

  gathered up all of our

little garden pots and

gave the idea a

 spin!   The result…

an instant  table top

garden.  This is our

little kitchen corner…


Now… it has some


thanks to the small,

crusty pots


rosemary &

olive. I threw in a

few containers of gorgeous

blue succulents and

threw open the doors. The table

top garden creates this lovely

blue-green  flow from indoors to

out. How simple. The table gets plenty  of

light and the Lazy Susan makes for

easy watering. Plus,

 if I need a quick, earthy  centerpiece,

I just pick up this portable garden and

GO. It’s no big deal but I

hope you like  it,