It’s Award Show Season…

The season of

glamour & glitz!   And it’s

the time of year, when I stalk  our mailbox for

my screening copies  of movies nominated for

Screen Actors Guild Awards! I have

been fortunate to land a few, very small

parts over the years, playing a television newscaster.

This is reassuring to me…because at the time, I

WAS a TV newscaster…SO I’m a little relieved that they found me

credible  in the role!! Anyway, I am a

member of the Screen Actors Guild and each awards 

season, the guild sends members,

screening copies of

movies nominated for SAG awards,

for their consideration ! Have until

the 25th of January to get my votes in!

We  just watched ARGO last night, AMAZING!! Plan to view

Les Miserables today and ….Silver Linings Playbook

tomorrow…all in the comfort of my own home.

This is so cool to me and I’m very honored & grateful!

Please mark your calenders for Sunday,

January 27th. The SAG Awards show can be 

seen on TNT & TBS. Check your local listings!

I’m popping up a batch of my 

popcorn with

Olive oil &

truffle salt, the old school way a pot! 

I’m settling in.

Dim the lights & please silence your cell phones.

Now Playing…

Les Miserables,